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Our Marine plywood (WBP) is manufactured with OKOUME and phenolic formaldehyde resin and is highly resistant to adverse weather conditions, sea water, cold, heat and microorganisms.

Its excellent resistance renders Marine PEP PLY the material to be used for difficult woodworks, where realibility and long-lasting resistance to water and sun are required. Marine PEP PLY (WBP) is a highly specialized product and comply fully with the quality Standards EN636:2003 (class3)




Plywood surfaced with wood veneers. The plywood's qualitative superiority combined with the natural beauty of wood, upgrade all woodworks in terms of quality ideal for door and furniture manufacturing.

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Waterproof plywood, ideal for concrete formwork (fair face). Shuttering PEP-PLY is a panel manufactured from high quality wood bonded with phenolic resin and covered on both sides with phenolic film. The Shuttering PEP PLY is ideal for the construction of formworks of all types. The properties meet the strict requirements of the European quality Standards EN636:2003 (class3).

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